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How to Book Your Session


Check for Available Dates

Please use our Contact Form to get in touch and let me know the type of session you are considering as well as the date you would prefer. I accept a limited number of sessions per month in order to maintain high quality service for every client.

Consultation​ and Booking

Once we have settled on a date, the consultation can be done in person or over the phone. During the consultation process we will discuss details of your specific request including session coverage, delivery of final product(s), payment as well as answer all of your questions.




I am always the photographer who will be capturing the images for your session.  You, or your designate and I will meet at the session location.  We will discuss the session one more time to discover if there have been any last minute additions or deletions and make appropriate changes (changes at this time may lead to changes in the final billing).

Photo Delivery

Delivery of digital images via Drop Box takes place within five business days (usually less).  If electronic delivery is unavailable, a media device will be mailed via Canada Post.  If hard copy items (usually photographic prints) are required, you will be informed when they are ready for pick-up, but the items can be delivered via mail, private delivery company, other – at your choice and cost.




Final Payment

Companies follow regular business practice – generally 30 days for final payment.  Individuals can make final payment on the day of the session.

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